Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Write, don't call!

People who know me, know that if they really want to get my attention they need to email me. Contacting me by phone is usually a lost cause. I'll call them back in about a week. I loath the tele, and typically avoid it's use.

Unless I have a book proposal in to a publisher... it then becomes an accessory. I literally wear it.

However, when it rings, I really don't want it to be my husband informing me that he's going to be late for lunch. (Although it is very considerate of him.) Nor do I want it to be the principal calling to inform me that my son's been in a fight. I don't even want it to be my mom, (Mom- I'm just trying to be funny.) and I especially don't want it to be a sales call!

I want it to be the publisher with some cute little New York accent proclaiming that she loves my book. I want her to ask me how quickly I can finish writing it so that the world can be a better place.

Then, I can get back to the business of my life, which most definitely does not include the phone.


Anonymous said...

cool, maybe you should answer your phone when your daughter's calling about her retainer she hopes you didn't throw away....

Paul Korchak said...

Don't forget to answer the phone when your husband wants to meet you at Salt of the Earth for lunch!