Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mind, Body and Conscience Wars

On today's routine jog through the neighborhood, I stumbled upon a little change purse lying in the middle of the road. My brain's first reaction was that it was dirty, to let it be. But my body did not obey, and it quickly picked it up. Then my conscience butted in and asked, "What if there is money in that purse?" I quickly answered it, and said that I would put it back where I found it, in case someone retraces their steps in an attempt to retrieve it. Again my conscience persisted, "What if there is a rather large sum of money in that purse?" An image of a new coat popped into my head without effort, then an image of a grand beach vacation. "I didn't mean to think that," I told my conscience, while secretly, to myself I was thinking, "What would I do?" I turned the little purse around and it read "I Love My Dog!" I looked inside.

It contained dog poop, wrapped in a bag. My body kicked in again and swiftly tossed it back out into the street while simultaneously my conscience laughed it's smart little head off. I smiled for the rest of the jog, with the warm sun in my face, fully appreciating the poetic justice of life!

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