Thursday, January 14, 2010

Writer on Steroids

After a wine-inspired and therefor enlightened writing session, I resolved not to rely on a drug to help me write. It felt a little as if I was an athlete using steroids.

I sit here now, however, with a very serious macchiato.

I always want to cry when I see how tiny a portion of a shot of espresso is. However, when done right, each sip lingers longer than it is dark. Its heat warms my gelid hands, enabling them to type. It's rich burnt-caramel color inspires a creative surge. It's caffeine awakens my writing moxie.

"It this allowed?" I ask myself.

Without any further ado, I sip, and write on.


Paul Korchak said...

It's definitely allowed!

第二回合 said...
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