Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Footloose Movie Review

The only real negative comment I have on the new movie "Footloose" is that you can't get up and dance in the theater! Too bad. Other than that, I was pleasantly surprised to find this film so much fun to watch. Many critics were disappointed that it was too similar to the original. I believe these are the same people that would have complained if they had strayed too much.

There is, of course, some teen sensuality, drinking and drug use, but my most ardent warning to parents is about the dancing.

The truth is, we could only dream of dances like this for our kids. The film is a bit misleading if parents think this is the way kids are dancing at their school dances. It's not. I can understand why any misinformed parent might be angry at their school for kicking their child out of a dance, or canceling a dance altogether, if they are to believe it is anything like the movie.

Please check out the post below, as it will clearly illustrate what high school dances are really like today.

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