Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I joined the National Board of Mothers for Family Values Cinema

I was beginning to think I was the last parent alive that took an interest in what my kids were watching, as finding a family-friendly movie has become somewhat of a rather time-consuming sport. And winning really big is when you not only find a flick without 60 plus f-words and graphic sex or violent scenes, but a very entertaining one as well.

Apparently, there are other parents (you, of course!) that are tired of using "the blanket". As I mentioned in the post "The Blanket", Kids-in-Mind.com has been a great help in plucking out the weeds.

I've recently joined the National Board of Mothers in reviewing movies for Family Values Cinema. They have created a DVD movie club service that provides quality family movies with good morals delivered straight to your door. (I've added a link to the site; check out the free movie offer!)

So, I get the chance to feel a little bit like Roger Ebert and Dana Carvey as the Church Lady combined, and I admit, I kind of like it. When I score big and come across a great family movie, I'll be sure to let you know!

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