Friday, October 16, 2009

Seventeen magazine not suitable for girls

I received my daughter's first copy of Seventeen magazine in the mail today. I searched online before I ordered to make sure that it's content was appropriate for a 15 year old, and found most reviewers to say that it was just fine for 14-20 year-olds.

Well, it's fine if you want your daughter to have a new hook-up manual mailed every month to your home. There is definitely a tone of "What the heck, have sex, it's fun! But here are some tips on doing it with style..."

I called the magazine and they gave me the correct number to call to get a refund, in this case a school magazine fundraiser company. They promptly said I could switch to another magazine.

I'm glad I took the time, which like you I have little of, to have a curious and caring eye. Never underestimate the influence you have over your kids. Doing nothing in this case would have been doing something. It would have sent the message to my daughter that I agree with the content of that magazine, which I most certainly do not!

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