Friday, July 17, 2009

The Blanket

Ask anyone in my house what "the blanket" is, and you're sure to get a smile. When I'm caught off guard as we watch a movie together, and an inappropriate scene is bestowed upon us, I quickly cover the screen with my blanket. Between not getting to the T.V. in time, and the lack of desire to fund hollywood's moral decay, I had to find a better system.

And that I did. It is the website called "Kids in Mind". ( It gives comprehensive reviews for parents interested in what their kids are watching. It rates three categories, Sex & Nudity, Violence & Gore, and Profanity on a scale from 1-10, and gives detailed descriptions. In fact I often check out movies that I am to watch without the kids, as I am less inclined to rent or go see a movie with 57 F-words. (What's that about!)

So pop some popcorn, grab your favorite couch or spot on the floor, and if it's a hot summer night, you can skip the blanket!

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